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We actively develop the #1 most downloaded terminal app on the iOS App Store and Google Play. Termius automates routine server management tasks.

We’ve reinvented the terminal with a flexible system of snippets and tabs, team collaboration features and a UI geared toward time saving. 

Over 200,000 IT professionals use Termius monthly for their routine tasks. We've received over 15,000 5-star reviews from the iOS App Store and Google Play.



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iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, Windows
“Keyboard leaves nothing out – easy access to all special characters and extra functions. Best SSH app I’ve ever found.”
User Review, iOS App Store

An easy to use yet fully functional CLI terminal

Development of Termius is ongoing, we engage with our community of paid and free users, rolling updates and adding new functionality in on a regular basis.

Our developers optimise and profile the application to create a consistent and predictable experience across our Android, iOS and Desktop apps.

Our Mobile Apps are fully native, and we’re quick to add support for new APIs and platform specific features (Touch ID, Split View, 3D Touch, Material UI etc.).

We use Electron to build our Windows, macOS, Chrome and Linux apps so that we can offer an experience that feels and behaves like a native app, without having to maintain 4 separate codebases.

Why reinvent the terminal?

The way we interact with our devices is changing, users expect the apps and services they use to be device independent. In the past, the terminal was a siloed utility, used in isolation on a specific machine. New IDEs and collaboration tools (such as Slack) arrived but the terminal stayed the same.

We’ve liberated the terminal, extending it from the desktop to the mobile devices, and built an entirely new online ecosystem to surround it.

Termius is a response to the demands of IT professionals, allowing users to enjoy the powerful control and functionality of a terminal on a desktop or a mobile device.

Professional teams can implement better security practices and organise an effective collaboration using the team features that Termius offers.

Minimal Lovable Product

Our design goal when building Termius was to get rid of the major terminal hassles that developers have — such as identity management and routine automation.

In order to make something that developers would consider using, we had to create a consistent cross-platform experience that was an order of magnitude more intuitive and delightful than existing Terminal clients and emulators.

We introduced a powerful command strip that resolves the problems that arise when bringing the terminal to a touch-only device.

We made use of swipe gestures and 3D touch, allowing users to quickly navigate terminal text and previous commands.

Our iPhone and iPad apps feature a beautiful design that’s native to iOS, while the Android app follows Google’s material design guidelines.

The Command Line Interface (CLI) can be color-themed and the app includes a fully customizable keyboard and malleable shortcuts. Physical Bluetooth keyboards are supported and create a good conjunction with iPads.

An essential tool-box that keeps on evolving

Termius is an ongoing project that allows our developers to sharpen their skills and get familiar with the latest APIs and platform features - gaining experience and expertise that they apply to our client projects.

What was initially an internal tool for monitoring internal server health is now a powerful and recognised commercial product.

With over 2 million downloads, Termius is the most popular app in the iOS App Store under the keyword ‘ssh’, and has over 200,000 permanent active users.


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