Reviewing Samchat’s UI & UX

Redesigning a platform that helps customers connect with specialists in their area

Looking for a Mandarin tutor? Need a plumber? Or want to earn a buck? Samchat is a portal that helps you to get things done. It connects customers and specialists in any area of business.

The team at Samchat were in need of a fresh frontend. We worked with them to map out a robust but intuitive UX, a comfortable UI and a cohesive brand style.



Our Role

UX/UI Design, Prototyping, Branding




iOS, Android

A sharpened focus on UI, UX, and Branding

At the outset, we worked with the Samchat team to arrive at a set of their concrete customer and company requirements.

With the aim of defining a manageable scope and establishing a realistic project deadline, we agreed on the following deliverables:

When Samchat approached us, the development process was already underway. They didn’t have a UI yet, but they did have firm idea of necessary functionality, and the beginnings of a backend taking shape.

The client elected to complete their development in house, allowing us to focus our energy on building out the UI/UX and defining a logo, colour palette and visual style.

Find the people you need, for the jobs that need doing

Samchat is a marketplace targeted toward individual service providers, rather than large commercial operations.

The experience is is built around the core paradigm of chat - where potential customers discover and interact with specialists. Several UX concepts augment the core chat component:

Conventional UI patterns, for predictable functionality

To succeed, we had deliver something simple enough that a user would want to get their hands dirty immediately. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we took cues and lifted patterns from popular services such as Viber and Wechat.

A series of clickable prototypes helped both us and the client to understand what was working, and what needed improvement.

“Getting rid of unnecessary cruft helped us to refine the UX. The clickable prototype helped us through iteration after iteration.”
John, Samchat CEO

Professional yet playful

By going through multiple branding exercises with the Samchat team, we defined the look and feel of the brand, and the personality of the app — professional, yet youthful and friendly. The client’s vision and the target audience helped define the style.

We used an Agile approach, evolving the brand as the project progressed. For instance, the logo went through multiple iterations. In initial mockups, the icon was based on a simple text balloon, later we added ellipses to symbolize network effects.

The primary palette consists of navy shades accompanied by bright green and blue.We also assembled a secondary palette of UI colours.

The muted colours in the palette reflect a restrained, conservative approach - to convey professionalism and trust - while splashes of vivid color breathe youth and playfulness into the UI.

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