Piccoli Horses & Piccoli Zoo

Helping an entrepreneur design a fun and engaging experience, with the aim of improving children's motor skills and language development.

Piccoli believe that learning how to speak should be a fun and universal activity, accessible to all children.

Piccoli Zoo is an app that helps children practice their growing conversation skills by incorporating movements, tangible objects and familiar images into their play.



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Branding, UX Design, Development


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iOS, Android, Web
“Crystalnix listened to my vision for what I wanted to create and they helped make it a reality. I searched for a long time to find a company like this one.”
Kimberly Rogers, Piccoli CEO

Let’s Play!

Your child's most important job is to play! Running, jumping and skipping helps your child learn to communicate.

With the Piccoli Zoo mobile app, children don't just use their thumbs on a screen to play. Children are encouraged get their whole body moving.

The Piccoli app follows an interactive storybook format, where kids can learn subjects and verbs through zoo animals and their actions.

Accompanied by an adult (or older sibling) a child advances through five slides, each containing colourful, vibrant depictions of Zoo animals. The child and parent are then prompted to mimic the actions shown on screen.

As the child completes each set of five activities, they’re awarded gold stars, which are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

The interaction model is intuitive, inviting and parent friendly - with no subscriptions, in-game upgrades, or hidden fees.

A serene scandinavian aesthetic with a dash of Kentucky charm

Through extensive research and client collaboration, we created a style heavily influenced by Scandinavian design.

Scandinavian Design typically features serene colour palettes, sleek lines, and heavy use of natural tones and motifs.

Scandinavian Designs aren’t packed with superfluous detail or complex colour palettes. All the elements featured strive to be as straightforward as possible.

These principles were applied to the custom illustrations we created. We took the most essential elements and rendered them with gentle, reductive forms, approaching geometric abstraction.

The Piccoli colour palette features warm greens, chocolate browns, cool greys, sky blues and cream shades. These muted tones contribute to an understated, elegant, parent and child friendly brand.

Throughout the Piccoli brand assets, we set out to reduce the complexity, rather than cram in detail. The logo we created features a geometric horse, heavily simplified, with negative space that suggests ‘P’ and ‘H’ shapes.

We found that Domus - a mono­linear sans with rounded terminals - perfectly complimented Piccoli’s playful, clean style.

An marketing site that converts, with a custom toy ID portal and Shopify integration

Because Piccoli frequently bring out new toys, commission new photography and run seasonal or event-centric (Kentucky Derby, Halloween etc.) campaigns, being able to quickly make changes to the site is critical.

We used a webflow build with embedded scripts for custom functionality, which has made publishing new content a fast and easy process.

The Show Name is a concept from the equestrian world. Each Piccoli Horse soft toy comes with it’s own unique Show Name.

We built a UI on piccolihorses.com where kids (and parents) can enter the code that appears on the tag of each horse, revealing their horse's unique Show Name.

The Piccoli family is growing every day - following the implementation of the new site and branding, we’ve seen a steadily increasing volume of new customers ordering Piccoli Horses through the embedded shopify-powered storefront.

We continue to work with the Piccoli team, collaborating on new mobile learning experiences and building out deeper web functionality.

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